This is currently offered in chunks of one month. I review your current situation, and offer advise in chronic joint pain (rehab/prehab), postural assessment, strength (gymnastics or weightlifting), flexibility and movement (equilibre, acrobatics or locomotion). Depending on what you need, I give you the key exercises to work on, with a personalized video in a follow along class format for your situation that can be downloaded and used anytime, and a program to follow. If the topic you ask me is honestly out of my reach, I’ll be sincere and just refer you to someone else. Also, I don’t just give you the video and walk away, but follow your progress for one month and change anything according to it. If by the end of the month you have done the program, haven’t improve and are not satisfied, I will refund you the money.

Price: 50 USD. Contact for more info