I believe our movement world should be more engaged with the social reality. As said before, “We don’t need generalist movers that are still specialist human beings, only caring about their flows, handstands and snatches”. What we as a species need is fully developed humans that have an special knowledge that connects them to everything, not the other way around.

The good thing is that there are so many good causes that utilize movement as a way for healing the world.

One of them is TRE. This stands for trauma releasing exercises, and it’s a technique developed by David Berceli that utilizes some stretching and breathing exercises to induce the body’s natural tremors that heal us from the inside out. You can find more about this technique in this video.

I live in Colombia, a country that is currently in peace negotiations to try bringing an end to the internal conflict that has lasted for more than 60 years. So, my idea here is to donate a percentage for every dollar that I get to sell here. It would go to this group, where they use TRE as a way for restoring trust in communities that were destroyed by the conflict.

I have worked with this technique before on myself and have greatly benefited from it. I think that, in conjunction with other more verbal oriented treatments, it can help us overcome traumatic experiences.

Social Practice, a course taken in my University. Here we were trying to utilize movement as a way of bringing trust back.

So this is my call to action. If you’re reading this, I’m not trying to convince you of how good I am, but motivate you to do your own research and get involved in a movement initiative that has a social perspective. Go there and give something to others!

May we stop being a separated niche and start contributing to this world,


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