My story starts around 2008 when I was 14 years old. As a child I did some sports like swimming, soccer or taekwondo, but they were never my thing.

Always strong. Even if I wasn’t.

With puberty I became very sedentary and gained some weight. I dedicated myself to explore other passions like guitar playing, reading and video games. I was your typical teenager: lacking interest, not caring much and a little bored with life. I think this attitude started showing in my personal presentation, as I didn’t cared a bit about personal development or taking care of myself. I hated exercise and used to skip physical education class.

I remembered this time when our school took us for one week to train like colombian soldiers in the Caribbean Ocean. It was surely hell for me!

Yep, that was me with one of my best friends, Sebastian Gracia.

This was my ordinary life until about 18 years old. That year I was going to graduate from school, go to Michigan for a six month english program and enter law school here at Bogotá, Colombia. My trip to USA showed me one truth: I was not ordinary as I’d thought on previous years. In fact, I was starting to recognize that none of us are, that we just have to clean up the noise that covers the truth. Maybe I hadn’t been very physical up to that point, but I had develop a great passion for reading and digging deep into my passions, something that would prove to be precious on the next years.

Everything that we do tends to look unrelated as we are living it, but shows its meaning once we find the matrix that connects it.

The crude fact was that, even thought my trip to USA had invited me to change so many things about me and my life, when I got back everything stayed the same. I neglected what I knew and got back to going through the motions: study, do well, drink some cocktails on the weekends and basically look everywhere for something to take you out of your boredom.

Luckily, life tends to be very stubborn. In 2013 I stayed for one month in France with my sister, again learning the language and going to an academy there. Two very important things happened in that period. I met a lover and a teacher. My lover would be Paula Espinosa, my girlfriend with whom I’ve been with for almost four years now. She has proven to be one of the most important persons in my life, providing a base of growth from which we could both shine.

My teacher were actually two, Elliott Hulse and Jiddu Krishnamurti. The first one taught me about the body, how being strong was much more about self development than about muscles. I own to him much of what I am today. The second one would guide me into another territory, a world of spirituality which I had neglected for so long. He gave me purpose and a deep understanding and what it means to be human.

With these two influences and many others, I knew my life had to revolve in some way around blending the world of movement with the world of silence. It was a great challenge, one that would bring a lot of purpose, excitement and internal drive for giving back something to this world, something that came out of what was unique in me. Many things had to happen for me actually stepping into action, and for certain one of them was the Grow Stronger Experience in Montreal to which I attended in 2015.

I’d be forever grateful with this man.

From there it was only a matter of time for me to organize my ideas and start taking action. I did some personal training, went from doing bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting, to doing yoga, calisthenics, gymnastics and finally movement, a perspective to which I was introduced by Ido Portal and has since been my approach to the physical world. Other mentors like Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Eisenstein, Milán Kundera, Michel Foucault, Diana Uribe and Julio Cortazar have greatly influenced me.

With all this experience I now come to you to share what I’ve learned. This is only the beginning. What I learned through these years is that the only prerequisite to be great is to believe in yourself, that fulfilled people encourage other people’s dreams, that you cannot grow stronger without others doing it too. My only motivation now for learning, testing, teaching and sharing is to inspire others and help them find what’s unique in them. As much as I am fascinated with details, it is only to the extent of this bigger picture.

As for me, I know I still have so much to express. For 20 years I was quite shy when it came to expressing what I really thought about the world, keeping in the shadows my inner desires and emotions. The internet has provide me with the opportunity to share, and I plan to do it. Everything that you see in this page is born out of my personal journey, and I share it because I believe it may help you.

What I want to do now is to become a new voice in the movement world. Maybe we are no longer separating weightlifting from gymnastics, but we are still separating movement from philosophy, from self actualization, from ecological awareness, from social responsibility, from our inner shadows and fire. As I value movement, silence, service, connection and growth, I don’t want to hold back: if we are going to do this movement thing, it better be something worthwhile.

What I offer is a page where everybody who wants to learn and develop is welcomed. I don’t like elitism in movement. I plan to demystify many topics in the movement culture to bring them to the people who need it the most. Who cares about what we know if it is of no use to others? I was not a gymnast nor a weightlifter, and have never been gifted in flexibility or strength (just in endurance), but I can now speak from a place of being self-taught, committed to hard but also intelligent work, understanding both the theory and the practice but, above all, coming from a deep desire to help anyone that I can to the best of my ability. I live in a country with a history of violence, and my movement approach is not untouched by this worry.

I also have a Meditation section where I focus on everything that needs to happen for human beings to rediscover love. I play the guitar, bass and some piano, study law with psychology, love history and philosophy, are passionated about learning and sharing, care about social service and meditation, the outer and the inner world, and I am sure time will reunite all of these broken aspects of myself into something unique and of value to others.

It’d be beautiful to have more of a “Movement for Love” approach in our community. We don’t need generalist movers that are still specialist human beings, only caring about their flows, handstands and snatches. I believe we live in times that are bigger than we can imagine. I believe every person has a beautiful gift waiting to flower inside them. I believe human beings are on this earth for big reasons, and movement and silence are a crucial part of that. This is my little contribution. May you join me in this path.

With hope, love and excitement,

Santiago Pinzón

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