The Five Exercises to get in the Best Shape of Your Life [Study]

I want you to ask yourself this question SERIOUSLY:

If you could only do five exercises to get in the best shape of your life, what would those be? Not four, not six, five.

Write them down. Now. Do it. DO IT.

As for me, I know those would be the Press handstand, Rope climb, Sprinting, the Snatch grip deadlift and the Front squat. If I just did those five exercises, I know I would reach most of my physical goals in terms of looks, flexibility, strength, control, etc.

If I just…

This is the deal. You are going to write YOUR OWN five exercises, and do them everyday. Every single day. Choose an Easy strength type of template, and begin every training session with those exercises. What you do after those exercises is nobody’s business, because you’ve already done what’s important.

What were your picks? Share down below! (You can see the results of a survey I made on reddit about this HERE)

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