​How to get in touch with your life’s purpose

In 2014 I attended in Montreal the first Grow Stronger Experience held by Elliott Hulse. This single event was to set the base for the years ahead and probably the rest of my life, providing clarity on my deepest desires and potentials.

But it was only for a handful of people. I believe every peace of life has a given call in this earth, and part of my duty now is to help others realize their gift.

I believe most of the problems for realizing your life purpose comes from a faulty understanding of it. There are basically three understandings of purpose:

#1. There is no purpose
#2. Purpose is given
#3. Purpose is created

Even though they might seem contradictory, it all depends on the presumptions people approach with. If purpose is created, but you feel you are not separated from God, isn’t it really found? If there is no purpose, but you believe in evolution/karma/other grand mechanism, wouldn’t that set individual purpose? If purpose is given, but you can choose wether to follow it or not, isn’t it created?

I do not look to give answer to these questions here, but understand this. Whatever your idea of purpose is, it is flawed. Why? Because set ideas, that is, ideology, are always conditioned by the past. Your ideology has been shaped by school, your parents, religion, fears, wishes, and all of the bagagge that you have accumulated over the years. In other words, you are not choosing in freedom.

What we want is to get to purpose without intermediaries. What is your life purpose for you, at this very same moment, and without the pressure of pretending? Can you choose with honesty, without caring for the consequences?

And that is problem number 1 with finding your life purpose: It is not about finding a great vision! By trying to figure out something your head, as opposed to getting to the most resourful place for the answer to be revealed, your perspective will be limited by what you’ve been told is possible. 

Some people are lucky enough to write “my goal in life is to help people with hunger”, but some are even luckier to be in touch, from moment to moment, with their soul’s call.


So, the moment you understand that it is not about the decision, but about what is the state of that who is making it, there is a shift in focus. You are now not concerned with doing vision boards (which have a place and I do them myself all the time), but in maintaining a state of freedom within you.

How do you do this? You need to shuten other’s voices in you, which includes past versions of yourself, and you do this by getting transparent. If you think about it, we only feel the body OR the mind as visible entities when there is a malfunctioning in them. When the body is healthy, it is but a tool for our action, so we don’t notice it as a present thing. The same goes for the mind, which is silent when it’s issues are solved.

So to conclude this already long post, get healthy and get silent. That is why this website is all about movement and silence, because, at least in my experience, they create what I call love. This is a state in which there can be freedom of choice, action and thought; where there is excitement, curiosity and a steady joy.

Overall, there is now awareness, which is only half of the ecuation. The other half is action, or having the courage to follow the moment by moment inclinations of your silent self, which is the body. This goes from eating when you’re hungry, to shout your anger and quitting that bad relationship. I am not saying that you should become a slave of your desires, but rather that you need to start contacting those parts of yourself that are uncorrupted, both on your body and your mind.

So awareness + action, followed consistently, is what’s required to get in touch with your life’s purpose. In this way, you are not limiting yourself by your current perception of what it´s possible, but you let your potential progresively unfold.

If you want to know what exactly did we do on The Grow Stronger Experience, it was basically Dynamic meditation followed by grabbing a sheet of paper and asking ourselves the questions that we always seem to evade: Why are you here? What truly excites you? What do you wish to be when you die?

Try it out today, but know that tomorrow may require a new sheet of paper.

If you’d like to know more about these topics, I reccomend the work of Elliott Hulse and Robert Greene

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