The cervical great locks {What to stretch second}

In the post called The pelvis great locks I made the point that one should start and support any flexibility pursuit by tackling the hip flexors and the glutes. I want to carry that train of thought further.

We talked about three main criteria for deciding the order of stretching: muscle size, tension and proximity. Following these for the second time, what we get are the Trapezius and the Sternocleidomastoid. These are the cervical “great locks”.

The Trapezius is a huge muscle that covers the whole upper back. It resembles the Lats but this time coming from the Thoracic spine and finishing at the Clavicle. It will be a key muscle when releasing the scapula that, coupled with the pelvis, are the big pendulums of the spine. It normally holds a lot of tightness due to the stress in our lives.

The Trapezius muscle.

On its part, one could say that releasing all of the neck muscles is crucial, but I want to focus on one. Let’s see the neck muscles first.

The anterior neck musculature. Don’t they seem like the hip flexors, only facing upwards?

Even though sometimes we don’t realize it, muscle names actually have a logic. The sternocleidomastoid is called like that because it connects the sternum and the mastoid process (at the jaw). This means that this muscle is like a bridge between your neck and the rest of your body, holding a lot of tension and restricting the range of motion of our neck.

The Sternocleidomastoid.

Even though stretching these two muscles might not seem as having a great impact on your overall flexibility, once you propose a road to your body, it cannot but to create a bridge. The last post will be about that.

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