Dreaming big {Motivational videos}

“Limits exists only in the minds of those who have forgotten how to dream” Phillipe Petit

In a world that constantly reminds us more our limitations than our potentials, I believe it is crucial to write an article about a call for dreams. Read the quote above one more time. Do you recognize the person who said that? It was a french equilibrist who by sheer consistency, imagination, courage and passion got to cross the Twin towers on wire-walking! He’s documentary “Man on wire” is just amazing.

Everything that you think impossible is closer than you think. Focus on becoming the type of person that would live those dreams that you have, and they will come to you by themselves.

I still remember the moment I got my first muscle up. At the time that goal seemed so huge, so important. I was in my first gymnastics class, and it was probably the amazing environment there what I need in order to finally get it.

“If you’re chasing your dream, you are not running fast enough. Run faster” Puff Daddy

Genetics, resources, dogmas, any excuse that you have not to dream, defy it. Understand that you will have to do sacrifices, but if you really love that dream, what you leave behind will not feel like a sacrifice, but a charge that was hindering you.

We live in a world where we are talked almost exclusively about how difficult, dangerous or boring is it to live. Studies have shown that for one people that emphasizes your limitations, seventeen people have to remind you your potential to neutralize its effect. The problem with this is that, when your desires are different from your believes, you will always manifest your believes. If you desire heaven but you don’t feel worthy of it, you’ll never be.

The only safe way if to become your own motivator. As in the Interstellar movie, it might be that that redentor, mentor, leader, savior, master or guru that we are looking for are ourselves. If not, life would be too easy. Do not wait for someone to come and motivate you, but you yourself become that vital fire that transforms problems into opportunities, that sees in the bottom of the swamp the opportunity for the birth of a beautiful flower.

I want to share with you the list of my top motivational videos. Please take a moment today to remind yourself what you can do. We could all use some of that.

You can see the list here->https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcT59DYgLH-f9s2Mp7dpPpszp47q00x_D

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