Why you can’t still reach your goals: having, doing and being

If there is one bad effect of the Internet is our loss of direction. Nowadays we are being exposed to so many things that we do not know what, why or how to choose. Our ground becomes shaky and we jump from one thing to another, never really accomplishing something worthwhile.

It goes without saying that this habit can be really be destructive to your movement journey. More important that talent, knowledge, genetics or anything that you can imagine is consistency. Without sticking to something for a sufficient time you won’t ever see the fruit of your work, something that will left you thinking that maybe you were not good enough. Chronic procrastination is a sure way to depression.

So the first point is that goals are crucial. Embracing this by itself will change your whole life.

But lets dig deeper. What about the type of goal?

Most of us are firstly attracted to something on the level of having. We see a rich person and we want his cars and houses; we see an excellent handbalancer and we want his control; we see an aware person and we want his mindfulness.

The first jump that you have to do is from having to doing. The moment that you realize that having does not produce having is when you commit to work. Many people do not make it to this level, so they stay their whole life admiring someone with a nice physique and, without jumping to the doing level, they go and have surgery as a straight road to what they want.

Do you really want to BE this? You may or may not, but never take your goals lightly, as they built what you’ll have, do and be tomorrow.

I’ve heard so many people that go through this: they admire good health, go for the easy way (pills or surgery) and in the end they go back to where they initially started. What failed? They didn’t passed from the having-goal to the doing-goal.

So let’s say you are an action taker and have decided to work for your goals. You have finally started to eat right, exercise correctly and get to bed on time, or whatever your goals require you to do.

What surprise many people who actually take action is that many times they do not see results.

If a person who is willing to put in the work doesn’t shift to deeper layers of goals, he’s doomed to quit when faced with a challenge. A failure is a must in any learning process, but soon you are faced with the questions: Where is my reward after all of this hard work? Haven’t I’ve worked enough? When is this finally going to end?

The ultimate shift in goals in from having-goals, to doing-goals to being-goals. The thing about being is that you cannot buy it, fake it or built it. It comes to you after the ground has being fertilized, and this requires time and commitment. Are you the type of person who is fit, strong and healthy? Are you the type of person who is happy, provides value to his community and works for his legacy? Are you the type of person for whom your goals are part of his reality?

image1 (6)
Go deeper into the goals-funnel. As you see, the deeper you go, the less people make it, and the more focused you have to be to induce change.

So, my invitation to you is that, with any goal that you have for yourself at this moment, realize that for you to have it you need consistency, and the only real way to do this and remain happy is to shift from having-goals, to doing-goals, to being-goals. Having, doing, being, one builds upon the other. If you analyze the seriousness of your goals in this way, you’ll know which ones are really worth changing your whole being and which ones are just noise distracting you from your true path.

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