3 mind-blowing uses of movement

With the internet, as we are getting exposed to more and more of the human experience, we are finding that movement is a lot more than sports and conditioning. One thing is to discover dance, but another thing is to realize how movement can feed a factory.

So today I wanted to share this 3 mindblowing uses of movement:

Energy production

Companies like Sustainable Dance Floor or even shoes manufactures are realizing how much energy potential there is in us. By extracting energy generated by dancing, biking or walking we may have found a part of the puzzle in the quest for renewable energy sources.

Music creation

Imogen Heap would be the main face in the intent of blending movement and music. Nowadays we dance to music, but what if our dance was the music? With her gloves, Imogen produces music in a very complex interlapse of body positioning, hand gesture, rhythm, speed and flow. In her dance, the boundaries between man and machine are disolved. This is a beautiful (and scary!) idea that I’m sure will be huge in the future.

Trauma healing

Whereas traditional psychologic therapy was focused on the exploration of the subconscious through the interpretation of dreams, symbols and conversation, movement is now providing the other side of the coin by working directly on the body. For example with TRE, the user can self apply some stretches and breathing exercises to induce body’s natural tremors that relax our system. Movement can and will be a healer in the world.

So this are only 3 uses of movement that I find inspiring. The ideas may not be entirely new, but the way they are now infusing the old ways with the new ones are creating really interesting aspects of movement. In the movement world one can only explore, but never arrive.

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The Dynamic Structure (Bulletproof your joints!)


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