3 tips to better your digestion

Digestion in human beings is so important, that it is said that our second brain is the stomach. There are basic step to improve digestion, as eating fiber that one finds in fruit peels, vegetables and linseed; to avoid food they irritate our stomach (in many persons this means gluten and dairy); to take a probiotic; to exercise; to chew food to the level of a ruminant, living by the saying “drink your food and chew your drinks”and to sleep well, but in this post we’d like to share three unusual tips to improve your digestion.

One: Squat down!

The three basic positions in which a human being can res are standing, lying and squatting
This is a squat:


Nowadays, we spend the great majority of our time sitting, but the truth is that this position is not natural and tightens the muscles of our hip joint, which must be relaxed and flexible to aid digestion. For many centuries the human beings have made our needs in this position, something that was recently changed with the creation of the flush toilet. Unlike some parts in Asia, where squatting still is part of daily life, in the West we have forgotten this basic human position. This has led to innumerable problems as, according to some, sitting down for long periods is as bad as to smoking.

A first habit that is worth a cultivating is to trying to perform daily activities in a squat, like reading a mail or waiting a bus. If we accumulate 30 minutes a day in this position, in a discontinuous way, we will be much nearer to reduce the tension that creates itself in the hip when we sit.
Also, whenever it is possible, try acquiring a position that you could replicate of the floor when sitting on a chair, like a half lotus. Also, we can get up every 5 minutes, stretch a little and resume a good ergonomic position in the chair.


Probably a full barefoot squat with the back relaxed will not feel comfortable at first . To recuperate our ability to do this, you may try doing this routine at least three times a week. One builds upon the other.

Two: Drink some hot water!

An easy way to improve our digestion is to begin taking enough water, especially if it is hot. This will promote movement through all of our digestive system and will help us in the process of toxins elimination.

Third: Try vacuuming exercises!

The world of yoga utilizes a movement called abdominal vacuums. These exercises strengthen the deep abdominal wall and help us to mobilize the whole digestive tract. Ideally, they must be performed every day before breakfast, for example in the shower. They are performed this way:

  1. Bent the body and put the hands just above the knees.
  2. Inhale.
  3. Hold the breath and pass saliva through.
  4. Exhale.
  5. Do not inhale back yet. Move your umbilicus towards your spine. You can do repetitions or hold the position for time.

If you’d like to know more about these topics, I recommend the work of Ido Portal and Paul Chek

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Pliable body (Get flexible fast!)

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